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Tap holders for synchronized tapping cycles

Modern CNC machines have the capability of synchronizing the spindle rotation to match the feed advance for a specific tap pitch. The «Rigid» or synchronized tapping cycle is very accurate, but it is impossible to avoid small discrepancies between the machine synchronization and the actual pitch of the specific tap being used. Using a rigid tap holder means that any deviation at all increases the thrust forces acting on the tap and this dramatically reduces tap life.

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SynchroFlex® – Force vs. Deflection Rates

Unlike competitors that employ elastomer rings to provide a small amount of axial compensation (±0.5 mm), the SynchroFlex® flexure has a consistent force vs. deflection rate. This means consistently superior tap life and thread quality.

SynchroFlex® – The Unique Solution

At the heart of SynchroFlex® is a precisely machined flexure which provides axial and radial compensation for the unavoidable discrepancy between the machine feed advance and the actual tap pitch. By compensating for this error, the thrust forces acting on the tap are dramatically reduced. The result is the longest possible tap life, 100% improvement or more, and much better quality threads

Design and Development

Flexure geometries have been designed using the ANSYS finite element analysis method in order to achieve the optimal force vs. deflection rates for the tap capacity of each holder. As you can see from the cross section drawing, torque is transmitted through the drive pins not through the flexure.

Customer Comments

We just got a Tapmatic 50X and love it! 900 1/4-20 threads 3/4" deep in just over three and a half hours.

- Royal Stukey

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