Self Reversing CNC

Thread production on machining centers with constant speed tapping

CST Constant Speed Tapping relies on a compact tapping attachment to provide tap reversal. The machine spindle runs in one direction at the exact programmed speed and reversal occurs within the tapping attachment instantaneously upon machine retraction. This avoids the inevitable RPM fluctuations which occur with reversal of the machine spindle. Benefits include the following...

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Reduced Cycle Time

By eliminating the machine spindles need to decelerate, stop, reverse and reaccelerate twice for each tapped hole the tapping time is dramatically reduced.

Longer Tap Life, Improved Thread Quality

Constant speed tapping means that the tap is allowed to cut at the optimum speed continuously without deceleration at the bottom of the hole. The result is the longest tap life and improved thread quality.

Reduced Machine Spindle Wear

Tapping is the only operation requiring machine reversal. Using a Constant Speed Tapping Head eliminates this strain on the machine.

Reduced Energy Costs of up to 75%

CST attachments reduce the energy costs required by machine spindle reversal by 75%.

Customer Comments

We just got a Tapmatic 50X and love it! 900 1/4-20 threads 3/4" deep in just over three and a half hours.

- Royal Stukey

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