Self Reversing CNC

Self-Reversing Manually Controlled Tapping Heads

Tapping attachments for drilling and milling machines and pneumatic, hydraulic and electric spindles

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Since 1952 Tapmatic has manufactured the world’s most popular line of compact self-reversing tapping attachments. Our experience and commitment to quality make these tools an excellent value. Although there are other products available on the market, a Tapmatic head is still the most economical to use. Our customers know they can count on our tools for many, many years of service.

Tapmatic offers a complete program of self-reversing tapping attachments to meet the most difficult requirements. Ruggedly built, these Tapmatic tools provide higher production rates due to:

Customer Comments

We just got a Tapmatic 50X and love it! 900 1/4-20 threads 3/4" deep in just over three and a half hours.

- Royal Stukey

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