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Synchroflex Range
SFT10, SFT50, SFT75, SFT100, SFT50QC, SFT75QC

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Thread cutting on numerical control machines
The results are:
Tap life has been increased by over 100%
Thread quality improved
Increased production due to less tap breakage
Fewer down times

Independent test by tap manufacturer
Thrust test 1:10 holes, M6 R45-AL, 2 Flute tap (3XD), AL7075 at 1000 RPM. Graph illustrates the final hole tapped by each tap driver.

A progressively higher tap starting force for each 0.025 of deflection is predictable and consistent throughout the life of the tool. Max. deflection up to 0.5 mm.

Every SYNCHROFLEX tap holder can save up to 10 times it‘s cost.